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About Service Apartments...(Long Stay Condominium)...Rental accommodations with front desk concierge service, furniture and appliances

More specifically,

  • (1)Furniture, interior decorations, appliances, daily amenities are all provided
  • (2)Front desk concierge service and house cleaning, bed making, linen changing provided
  • (3)Free breakfast(depending on location.)
  • (4)Key money ,agent fees, unnecessary
  • (5)Utilities, internet, cable TV are all included. No need to pay monthly fees

4 merits of ATOMIC service apartments


key money, renewal fees, agent fees

  • Absolutely no key money, renewal fees.
  • No troublesome checkout adjustments makes checking out easy.
  • Because we rent-out directly, there are no agent fees.

There are no clean-up fees after checkout

  • There is no clean-up fee after checkout.
  • No transactions necessary when you checkout.(transferring utilities etc.)

No troublesome monthly payments to worry about
The following fees are all included in the room charge. They are included in the basic rates so you don't have to worry about them.

  • Electricity, gas, water
  • Base phone service(*call time is charged separately and is to be paid on a set date)
  • Broadband internet
  • Cable television


Food, Fun, Residence An "accessible" way of life, you'll have wings of freedom around Tokyo

ATOMIC Service Apartment Series are located in Ebisu and Minami Aoyama, quiet living environments surrounded by elegant streetscapes and lush greenery.

On weekdays you can make a quick stop by home after work, change your clothes and go out. On weekends you can tour the local culture spots... A big plus of living in the city is being able to make meaningful use of your time and being able to enjoy your leisure time. The ATOMIC Service Apartment Series allows you to get the most out of your living experience.

You can spend time in a peaceful environment where you can feel nature, while at the same time be in the city. You can also maximize the meaningful use of your time.
ATOMIC Service Apartment Series can indeed be called the ideal living environment.


High quality furniture fit for proud living.

An atmosphere that the person living there can be proud of.
All of the furnishings, tables and chairs, beds etc. are carefully selected, and a high quality interior is created.
An elegant living space fit for foreign executives.
Furniture, appliances, bedding, tableware and kitchen equipment are all provided.
Those full-fledged facilities are one of special features of ATOMIC Service Apartments.
(for more information about facilities see here)


We provide various services to make everyday comfortable

Depending on your requests, room cleaning can be done once a week, twice a week or not at all.
If you are too busy with work to go shopping, you can order groceries etc. from the front desk or by internet. Delivery will be made promptly.
Also, every morning(weekdays only)hot coffee and bread can be brought to your door free of charge.

TEL:0800-700-1411 or +81-3-3280-6445


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