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vol.2 Apparel manager 35 years old
Occupation Apparel manager
Age 35
Family Wife
Stay 1 year
The Amadana clock is pointing at 7 o'clock when I wake. I would prefer to sleep in my fluffy bed, wrapped in the pure white linen, but as tempting as that is, I must nonetheless rise and greet the day with the free breakfast service provided by the serviced apartment.I like it here because it is very quiet even, though I am in Ebisu in the heart of Tokyo.
I refresh myself each morning by opening the windows, and reading newspapers while having coffee and bread.
YEBISU Garden Place

I used to live in a high-grade rented apartment in Setagaya, but I moved here when I heard about this serviced apartment in the city center that can be used casually. Serviced apartments are very convenient because when I find an apartment I like I can move in immediately, without hassle. Another thing I like about the apartment is its distance from my office. I think it is important to keep a bit of distance between work and private life, rather than mixing them up. My office is in Jingumae, which is 15 minutes by car, just the right distance from Ebisu.
My work today starts in the afternoon.
I should do some exercise before I go to work. I decide to go to Prime Square (a fitness club), a ten-minute walk from my apartment.

I walk on the treadmill for awhile, and then gradually accelerate to a jog. Both mind and body feel refreshed after the exercise, and I can concentrate on my work. After sweating for awhile, I steam in the sauna and finish with a splash of cold water.
Now I am ready for my afternoon work.
I take a shower and went home. I don my suit and head out to the parking lot. It is really convenient that the apartments come with parking spaces.
Even better, the space is big enough to accommodate my large car and I am really grateful for that. I am running out of time because a show is coming on soon. It is around 2 oĦÇclock in the morning when I get home, as usual. My wife will be asleep at this hour. Still, I look forward to waking up to the fresh air of Ebisu and the coffee flavor, wrapped in the pure white linen again.
Mitsukoshi Department Store
Tomorrow is a holiday, the first in a long time. We plan to dine out at Roppongi, because our anniversary is coming up soon.
I should get a gift for my wife at Mitsukoshi Department Store before we go out. It is wonderful that I can get everything I want in the immediate neighborhood.
My wife and I are sure we will be enjoying a comfortable life at Service Apartment Ebisu for some time to come.


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