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vol.1 Dentist 41 years old
Occupation Dentist
Age 41
Family Wife(Pregnancy 5 month) and one children
Stay 1 month
Dentist 41 years old

I am a dentist from a provincial town.
I've stayed at Service Apartment Ebisu several times when attending meetings of academic societies and research groups. My dream has been to open a clinic in the Ebisu area. I finally decided on the place to establish my clinic two days ago. I am staying in the Service Apartment while working on the clinic project with the refurbishment team.

I have always used Service Apartment Ebisu when I come to Tokyo because it is in a nice neighborhood and very comfortable. The reason why I want to open my clinic in Ebisu is because I can help a large number of patients and provide for their needs in this area, which has business and residential districts nearby. Business people are busy, and they need clinics that are open at night. Other patients want to be able to drop by at a dental clinic with a stylish atmosphere while they are out shopping. I want to run a dental clinic geared to the needs of these people. To do this, I need to be in a well-established environment. A child-care facility, Poppins, is located a one-minute walk from the apartment, making childcare easier for my wife, who is five-months pregnant. The elementary school that my five-year-old son will be attending is also in an excellent environment. The concierge and maid services reduce the housework for my wife, who is busy raising children. There is also abundant parkland in the area, with America Bashi Park, Happoen Garden and the Institute for Nature Study in close proximity. This adds even more to the excellent environment for children.
Meguro-gawa sakura
We also look forward to seeing the cherry blossoms along Meguro-gawa River in the spring. It is nice that the school our children will be attending is located in such an excellent environment.
I believe we can lead a comfortable life at Service Apartment Ebisu, which meets so many of our needs.
This relaxed setting is essential for me to be able to make my patients, my wife, my children and myself comfortable.


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