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ATOMIC ASSETS ADVISERS Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "our company") observes not only the laws and ordinances in respect to the protection of individual information but also other regulations, and makes an effort to handle with strict care the protection of customer's important individual information.
Our company discretely collects individual information to necessary extents from customers through user registration and web sites, and uses it to provide useful, attractive and valuable services.
We consider this individual information as data to be handled with the greatest care, and its collection, storage and use are under the strictest control.

  1. Our company does not collect individual information without the consent of users. Upon clarifying with the user the purpose of its use, such as the improvement of service, we ask users to provide individual information at their discretion. The collected individual information is not used for any purpose other than this.
  2. Except for cases where the user him or herself agrees, individual information, other than the one processed by statistics, is not transferred to a third person.
  3. Our company controls the individual information provided from users appropriately by determining a responsible person.
  4. If a user provides individual information voluntarily, we sometimes send new information regarding service. In the case where a user requests not to be listed on a mailing list for this type of announcement, we will delete him or her from the list if he or she reports it to us.

Our company pays maximum attention to the protection of customer's privacy and individual information.
We do not disclose any individual information that our company collected in business to a third person without the customer's
prior consent except in the following cases:

  1. In cases where a public institution such as the police, court, as well as, government and other public offices requests to disclose information based on laws and ordinances.
  2. In cases where our company entrusts to a cooperative company or a company where business is entrusted and which has executed a confidential agreement with our company regarding individual information, the handling of individual information within the extent necessary to achieve a purpose of providing useful service to a customer. In this case, we request the cooperative company to control the information appropriately based on the regulations of our company.

Individual information is mainly used in the following ways.

  1. We use it for improvement of our company's services and for the development of new services. (*By clarifying the purpose using such as questionnaire, users provide data at their discretion.)
  2. We use it in order to provide membership services, such as direct mail, and for sending e-mail. (*We do not disclose data which can identify the said person without consent of user.)

Our company is sometimes included in links to other sites. Our company is not responsible for collection of individual information and its use, which are carried out in the link and site of an advertiser. If you are doubtful about how the site in the link and the advertiser handle the individual information, please inquire to the site directly.

Our company sometimes uses the customer's IP address, registered in a log (record of computer use and communication), for the following purposes:

  1. For a survey of the customer's access history and use.
  2. To avoid having to input a password every time.
  3. To improve the contents of web site and e-mail so that customers can be more satisfied, as well as, to customize in accordance with individual users
  4. To provide service in accordance with the concerns of customers.

*Cookie is a system by which a user is confirmed by sending a small data file from the server of the web site to the hard disk and memory of the user when he or she is viewing the web site. In the text file, our company sends as a cookie, there is no information identifying the said person included, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, or address of the customer.
For a detailed method of setting up, please check "Cookie" in the "Help" menu of each browser. The explanation is listed in the Microsoft site for those who use Internet Explorer and the Netscape Communications site for those who use Netscape.

*Contents of our privacy policy are subject to change bases on the contents of service and on technology trends.

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