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An enriched facility lineup to support on-the-go lifestyles.

You will find everything you need at your fingertips from the moment you move in. This type of convenience is just another of Service Apartment outstanding features. We provide a fully-fitted kitchen as well as variety of expendable items,including linen.

*Pictures are only examples. Depending on the room, specifications may vary.


bath room

bed room

Aiming to provide you with the very best in hospitality.

Thorough Maid Service

Room cleaning by professional maids twice a week.
Let them clean bothersome areas, such as the kitchen, as well as separate your trash for recycling.
(You can also make use of our trash separation service for days when your room is not scheduled for cleaning.)

List of maid service
Cleaning the windows
Cleaning the bath and toilet
Performing kitchen duties (washing the dishes)
Making the bed(s)
Exchanging the linen
Separating the trash
Replacing light globes
Cleaning the air conditioner
Cleaning the cooking range filter

Breakfast Service

A breakfast of bread , coffee and fruits can be delivered to your room every weekday morning.
We would like you to be able to use your busy morning hours effectively.

*Depending on location.

Bilingual Concierge Service

You do not need to worry about having over important guests who cannot speak Japanese.
You may rely on the bilingual concierge for catching a taxi or advice about shopping.

*Depending on the facilities, concierge service may not be available. Please check in advance.

List of concierge service
Arranging parcel delivery and motorcycle delivery services
Ordering take-out for guests
Information services (public facilities, buses, train timetables, etc.)
Calling taxis for guests
Accepting dry cleaning on behalf of guests
SEIYU Internet shopping delivery


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