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Live the leisurely life in a peacepul environment.

All doors feature a wide, open-plan design to give your family as much room as they need.
Each condominium is fitted with fine quality furniture to produce a relaxed atmosphere.
Fully furnished with high quality furnuiture,serviced apartment Minami Aoyama creates a subdued ambient atmosphere.

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Room Type Guest
Area Monthly Room Charge
(in yen)
1Studio 2 people 36.51m² 380,000
1Bed Room 2people 58.28m²-64.63m² 550,000-660,000
2Bed Room 4 people 88.96m²-98.29m² 780,000-900,000

*Minimum rent for an apartment is a moth rent starting from 1st of each month.
*If more than the specified number of guests stay, you will be charged an additional fee as follows: 10% of the total room charge per extra person
For children (12 or under), 5%of the total room charge per extra person.
*Cleaning fee after your check-out cost you \3,150 Japanese yen.
*Our Service (House cleaning, linen and towel exchange (twice a week) utility, free Internet access, Sky perfect TV)
*Please see the terms of use page for details about cancellation.
*Please see the terms of use page for details about security deposits.


Apartments are designed to let bright light fill the living room. Rooms are available that overlook the greenery surrounding the ebisu Westin Hotel as well as rooms with a view of Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hills.