Close to Ebisu Garden Place,the surrounding area has every convenience,enabling you to live the lifestyle you want

Situated adjacent to Ebisu Garden Place,a complex offering every possible convenience for both daily and leisure actives, such as supermarkets and restaurants, a movie theater, art and a variety of events. Just by taking a casual stroll, you can enjoy the most fantastic scenery.

Ebisu Garden Place (1 minute walk)

Located in Ebisu, Service Apartment Ebisu is an impressive facility with spacious surroundings integrating a shopping mall, hotel, department store, art museum and movie theater. Within the facilities there is the 3 star French restaurant Robuchon.The Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ebisu a famous shopping plaza featuring a large selection of items to compliment the lifestyle of sophisticated urban residents, such as fashion, popular interior and miscellaneous goods, books and stationery.
In the 2nd floor basement food garden you will find food products necessary for daily life as well as the best quality food ingredients.
Service Apartment Ebisu is situated in a convenient spot for people who want to enjoy city life. There is also a park where children can safely play in as well as a day care center (child and infant care facility Bobbins). If you fancy a short stroll, there is the national nature park where you can get in touch with the green of nature.

Happo En GardenHappoen Garden (15 minutes walk) Child care facility (Bobbins)Child care facility (Poppins)
(1 minute walk)
America Bashi ParkAmerica Bashi Park (5 minutes walk)
Kosei Nenkin Hospital (5 minutes walk)
Sapporo Beer Headquarters Ebisu Beer Museum ( 3 minutes walk )
Keio Gijuku Yochisha Primary School (15 minutes walk )
Sacred Heart Girls School (20 minutes walk)
Shibuya Sarugaku Training Gym (approx. 1 km)
National Science Museum ( 12 minutes walk)